The most beautiful sunflower decoration ideas

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The cheerful radiance of the sunflower decoration already magically captivates children. And also in the adult world, the typical sun-shape of the nodding daisy family associates joy, summer, and cheerfulness. Whether as a natural floral decoration for the table or funny window decoration: It is versatile as a motif and plant. Here you can read many interesting and great ideas for the sunflower decoration and also learn how different you can make your table decorations with sunflowers.

Properties and symbolism of sunflowers decoration
The sunflower decorations have been gracing the European area since 1552 when their seeds were brought back from America by Spanish seafarers. But in itself, the sunny beauty, whose original home was in North and Central America, is much older. It was already 2500 BC. Cultivated and worshiped by the Incas as an image of their god.

Its botanical name is ‘Helianthus annuus’ and in the single syllables translated from the Greek is the one-year late blooming sunflower clearly recognizable. Because ‘helios’ stands for sun, ‘anthos’ for flower and ‘annuus’ means simply yearly. Although the daisy family is generally associated with cheerfulness, its symbolism has been somewhat ambiguous in the past. Originally, the tall sunflower symbolized false pride and extravagant pretensions. In the hippie era, she was talked about as an eco-flower, which, however, became relative again in the following years. Today, it convinces almost everyone with its sunny, cordial look and is often used as a message for: “I like you” without any harm among friends. Even as a natural, cheerful decoration, she finds many fans and enriches the table decoration at many birthdays or a wedding. A sunflower decoration offers you even more than pure floral delight because it binds carbon dioxide outstanding and ensures a healthy indoor climate.

Design sunflowers and make them yourself
Due to its simple shape, the sunflower decoration is a popular motif when crafting. This also applies to craft lessons with kids. Nearly all the little ones are able to represent the sunny plant and automatically paint the typically shaped sunflower blossoms on their first attempts. As a synonym for the sun, it is also widely used in children. The result is individual images that, for example, hung in the nursery or in the kitchen next to the fresh green herb pots, the pride of all evoke. In addition to painting, there are the possibilities of two-dimensional and three-dimensional design. To make sunflowers, you need paper in yellow, orange, brown and green, scissors and glue. Well, a suit is 180 g of construction paper because it has a certain strength, but can be well cut out and folded. It’s best to paint the flowers, center basket, leaves and stems one by one, cut them out and glue them together in your desired arrangement. From this joyous scattered flowers for the table, decorative window pictures or fascinating mobiles can merge. The design of your sunflower deco in 3 D is a bit more demanding, but you can find helpful patterns in books or on the internet.

The most beautiful sunflower decoration ideas   The most beautiful sunflower decoration ideas

Tips for the table decoration with sunflowers
Table decoration with sunflowers always spreads cheerful mood and still, you can set certain accents with the kind of your design ideas. Cuttings from the garden or the florist can be tied in different ways to a floral arrangement. Possible is the compact dome-shaped binding style or one that is arranged in graduated heights of the inflorescences and has a more airy effect. An arrangement in a bast basket with watered floral foam rings the popular country house style forward Рwhich you can support with documents made of wood or cork attractive. Incidentally, sunflowers generally complement each other very well with natural materials such as bast, jute or grasses.

If you want to arrange your sunflower decoration in a vase, transparent glass vases or white vessels are very suitable. These leave the serene effect of the sunflowers unaffected and give the sunny plants their full radiance. Very elegant comes a table decoration with sunflowers in garland shape. As the daisy family can reach heights of growth of up to 2 meters, you can design flowery table runners of your choice with available material and drape them on your banquet table. Extra tip: For the water supply in an exposed floral arrangement, water tubes, also called flower tubes, are ideal and discreet helpers.

Have you been inspired by the tips on table decorations with sunflowers and would you like to see more inspirations? Insight into real environments is offered by our members in the picture gallery. There you can see many wonderful examples of sunflower

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